About us

This is a project created by case workers and intends to provide every person with everything they need to lead a happy and successful life. 


The funds gained from this project will go towards:

  • Developing and implementing new programs for the website
  • Modernizing emergency shelters into a community format. 

The programs on this site will come in the form of amenities and services.
Some of these will be free, such as the Referral Network which will make it easier to find work even without being employed. 
Others will have a cost, such as the Content Creator system which will allow businesses to make deals directly with content creators. 
Both of these programs are still in development.


The emergency shelters we will be constructing will not be bunk beds in a building with many other families / strangers, but will be individual homes with enough rooms and garden space to feed the family as well as provide the means for extra income in a variety of ways. 
If you beocme a resident you will have total freedom as long as you meet at least once per month with the on site caseworker, and refrain from harming yourself or others.
Other organizations may have strict specifications as to who qualifies to become a resident, but here, we trust you to know when you're having an emergency. 


Please make sure you bring your best to this program as we would love to see it grow until everyone has food to eat, a place to stay, and the means to find fulfilling work.



If you have questions about the site you've come to the right place!
What is Recognition?
  • Recognition is how you get paid for your contributions to the site. Users buy Recognition and give them to Topics and comments they feel deserve to be 'Recognized'. When a user obtains at least 30 Recognition, they can withdraw it as cash. 
  • Here is a breakdown of how the recognition works when received:
Recognition given to Topic:

User who made the topic: 50% 

Site: 50%

Note: If you create a Topic with a Paywall, you will receive 90% of the Recognition given to access content behind the paywall and the site will receive 10%


Recognition given to comment within a Topic: 

User who made topic: 10%

User who received recognition: 45%

Site: 45%

Recognition given to a Topic in a Sub-Category:

User who made topic: 60%

Creator of the Sub-Category: 20%

Site: 20%

Note: this is the same for Paywalls created in Sub-Categories


Recognition given to a comment in a Topic in a Sub-Category:

User who made the comment: 60%

User who made the topic: 10%

User who created the Sub-Category: 10%

Site: 20%


Which Categories should I select when I'm making my Topic?

  • Culture: This is your contribution to your culture whether it be local, global, or somewhere in between. Are you hosting an event? Are you hosting a debate or asking a question? Did you create something? Did you see something cool on your way to work? How was your day? Etc. 
  • Resources: This is for things that you're offering for free. These can be social programs, giveaways, services, etc. As long as you are not charging for the service, it can be posted here. 
  • Business: This is for services that you are hoping to use to make money. Deals, networking opportunities, specials, etc. 
  • Community Watch: This is for things that are happening that you feel require some kind of attention. Did you wake up early and see that the roads are icy? Use this to let people in your area know. Do you have a question about a weird smell or loud noise in the middle of the night? Ask here. 

Some examples of this in action are:

  • I'm in a band! - Culture
  • My band is giving away free shirts! - Resources
  • My band is giving away free shirts at the upcoming festival! - Culture + Resources
  • My band's first album is for sale! - Business
  • My band's first concert is happening soon, get tickets now! - Culture + Business
  • Someone has set fire to the constabulatory! - Community Watch
  • My former band set fire to the constabulatory, here's why! - Culture + Community Watch
What should my Topic look like?

It depends on what you're doing, but here's an example of what to include. 

  • Your title can function like a headline for your Topic. For instance - "Food bank for Thursdays and Fridays in Terre Haute, IN"
  • The body of your Topic should include everything people need to know. For instance - "We are located at Example St. We are open from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Please bring your id card,"  
  • The tags for your Topic should include your location if applicable as well as anything you can think of to describe your deal. For instance "TH, IN", "Food Bank", etc.
  • If you feel like it and it's applicable, update your Topic to include changing details or to answer common questions. 
What should I post about? 
  • Anything and everything as long as you follow the rules and are using the categories correctly
  • Seriously, your imagination is the limit. Get creative! (As long as it doesn't involve hurting yourself or others)
  • You can make posts asking questions about anything you might want to know
  • You can make posts about something you've done that you want to show off whether it be artwork, an achievement, if you saw a cool bird at the park, a story or short story you've written, etc.
  • You can also use tags to form groups until the groups feature is ready. 
  • You can hold contests, polls, debates, or surveys
  • You can explore mysteries and submit articles you've written or found
  • Many many more uses, you're welcome to get creative as long as you don't hurt anyone.
How do I use Tags?
  • Users have the ability to add tags to their posts when creating them to make it easier to find using the search feature . You can add as many tags as you like, but do consider using your city, state, or country in the tags to represent your local culture. Type it in the tag line and click on the pop up to add it in.
How do I use the Search feature?
  • For a simple search you just have to type it in and click search. 
  • Advanced search allows you to search for up to 9 tags to be included in your results. 
  • You have the ability to save your search criteria so you don't have to type in all 9 tags every time you want to search it. 
What is Recognition Split? 
  • Rec Split allows users to Split their share from Topics or Sub-Categories.
  • Add the username of the user you want to split it with, specify the percentage of your share you want them to receive.
  • When you receive Recognition from that Topic or Sub-Category, so will they! 
  • Users added with Rec Split will also be moderators of the Topic or Sub-Category. 
What will get me a warning in the Main Network Page?
  • Harrassing or attacking others
  • Spamming posts
  • Hate speech
What will get me blocked in the Main Network Page?
  • Posting illegal or inappropriate content  
  • Continuing to engage in inappropriate behavior after multiple warnings
  • Stealing content from other users

What will get me banned or blocked in a Sub-Category?

  • That's up to the creator of the Topic / Sub-Category. 
  • Be advised: if the Topic or Sub-Category gets reported, Site Moderators will intervene and the above rules will apply.
Can I ever post someone else's content?
  • Sure you can, just don't pretend you made something when you didn't. 
  • We have an upcoming feature called the Content Creator System which will make sharing content created by other users way more fun, so stick around. 
What is the bar below every post and comment?
  • That is the Rating System, which has two polls and the Recognition System.
  • Agree / Ambivalent / Disagree : This is a poll that provides feedback on the accuracy of your post/comment
  • 5 Star Rating : You've seen star rating systems before, right? You can choose whether you use this one or the Agree / Disagree system when you are creating a post / comment (Next to the submit button)
  • Recognition System : Click it to give that post / comment Recognition
  • 1. 2. 3. - This is a poll that provides feedback on the information presented and its delivery, allowing each user to pick 3 adjectives to describe the post/comment. The number in parentheses shows the number of users who agree with that assessment