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Welcome to Orisla, Islanders.

We are making it so that this site is self-moderated by the users without direct intervention from site moderators. This is being done to take an honest look at the human collective and to attempt to improve it. We will be making changes to the site periodically in order to facilitate this, but while we are in beta we may need to close the site down periodically until we can implement those changes.
Users who create Topics or Sub-Categories will be in charge of moderating them, but you will receive a share of the income your Topic/Sub-Category generates.

Here is a quick breakdown of how much you'll receive:

Recognition given to Topic:

User who made the topic: 50%

Site: 50%

Note: If you create a Topic with a Paywall, you will receive 90% of the Recognition given to access content behind the paywall and the site will receive 10%

Recognition given to comment within a Topic:

User who made topic: 10%

User who received recognition: 45%

Site: 45%


Recognition given to a Topic in a Sub-Category:

User who made topic: 60%

Creator of the Sub-Category: 20%

Site: 20%

Note: this is the same for Paywalls created in Sub-Categories


Recognition given to a comment in a Topic in a Sub-Category:

User who made the comment: 60%

User who made the topic: 10%

User who created the Sub-Category: 10%

Site: 20%

Here is a little information on what the site and larger project hope to accomplish.

This project was created as a means of providing every person with everything they need to lead a happy and successful life.  It is my personal attempt as a case manager to fix some issues with the application of practical wrap-around care.

The funds gained from this project will go towards:

    Developing and implementing new programs for the website
    Modernizing emergency shelters into a self-sufficient community format.

The programs on this site will come in the form of amenities and services.
Some of these will have a cost and others will pay you.
For instance, the Reward Tab allows businesses to pay you to watch their advertisements.

The emergency shelters we will be constructing will not be bunk beds in a building with many other families / strangers, but will be individual homes with enough rooms and garden space to feed the family as well as provide the means for extra income in a variety of ways.
If you become a resident you will have total freedom as long as you meet at least once per month with the on site caseworker, and refrain from harming yourself or others.
Other organizations may have strict specifications as to who qualifies to become a resident, but here, we trust you to know when you're having an emergency.

Please make sure you bring your best to this program as we would love to see it grow until everyone has food to eat, a place to stay, and the means to find fulfilling work.

If you'd like to read more, please use the About Us located at the bottom of the page.

(Also, here is a reminder of the suggested site rules. If you would like to participate in the discussion to update or alter these rules, please follow this link: )

Minor - Warning
1. Failing to utilize site designations correctly (we should anticipate most new users will need some direction here. The site designations can be confusing at first).
2. Posting someone else's content without citing a source / indicating it is  Not OC (Not original content)
3. Spamming Comments
4. Inappropriate username / avatar

Medium - Bans: 1 day to 1 week
1. Speech that is attacking individuals or groups
2. Failing to adjust accordingly following repeated warnings
3. Attempting to steal the content from other users for financial gain
4. Posting NSFW content outside of a NSFW designated sub-category

Major - Block
1. Failing to adjust accordingly following repeated bans
2. Scamming others / Posting links to Phishing or harmful sites
3. Impersonating another individual, or pretending to represent an organization

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